Slovak Eco Quality

A non-profit organization on its way to become a green, community based, sustainable, life competence educational organization.
Slovak Eco Quality is made up of its members and volunteers, active in areas and topics related to green and circular economy, sustainable lifestyle, recycling and upcycling. SEQ focuses on positive social impact projects and activities aiming at eco innovation, creative eco education and wellbeing of people.


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  • Training course
    Training course. Course of training. Slovak Eco Quality in Armenia 🇦🇲PFAPsychological first aid. 🗣️ A mixture of young people from 8 countries, mashed together, sharing ideas, opinions, creating, laughing, debating.Cultural nights are a hit in these mobilities. People mingle, relax, … Read more
  • Green Youth Changemakers in Brussels
    Beginning of July 2023, Slovak Eco Quality and UniGrowth Development Center have reached their final event under the Green Youth Changemakers project. The ultimate joint destination for the young Hungarians from Slovakia and Armenians was a study trip to Western … Read more
  • Fashion customer behavior
    Sustainable fashion. Slow fashion. Fast Fashion. Hand-made this. Upcycled that. Fancy brand names, vegan clothes, zero waste garments, new collections here, local producers there… We hear about these a lot. Do you? Is it something you come across in your … Read more
  •  🧠 HACKATHON! 👀
    … with SEQ 🙂 Ever heard of such a thing? 🙂 🤔 We need to set an issue to address 🚨, gather people 🙋 and create groups 👥 that will work on innovative solution 🛠️ in less than 48 hours. … Read more
  • Re-mind Yourself experience
    English translation follows below the article Mal som úžasnú príležitosť zúčastniť sa mládežníckej výmeny Re-mind Yourself, spolu s ďalšími 24 účastníkmi, ktorá sa konala v talianskom meste Tredozio. Tento skvelý projekt bol podporený programom Erasmus+ a uskutočnený v spolupráci s … Read more
  • Reduce Your CO2 – introducing the pilot version of our board game
    In our ongoing mission to combat climate change and promote environmental sustainability, the project ‘Reduce Your CO2’ has been making significant strides. Collaborating closely with our esteemed partner, Smiling Planet, we are thrilled to announce the successful development and testing … Read more
  • Welcome to the “This is Electro” reunion!
    It marks exactly one year since our unforgettable race took place in Bratislava – Marina Čunovo, a truly unique event for all of us and the first of its kind in Slovakia. The memories are still vivid, and we’re delighted … Read more
  • Study visit exploring nature-based learning and good practices in Norway
    A recent study visit organized as part of the GreenEdu project in Sor-Trondelag, Norway, brought together participants from Iceland, Slovakia and Norway to enhance nature-based education and earth competences. The informative and engaging visit was packed with various programs, field … Read more
  • Gabi’s Humphrey Fellowship <3
    Part I. It all started in summer 2021. While sunbathing at the beautiful Vućine beach in Žuljana, Croatia, an ad popped up telling me about the Humphrey Fellowship. A program for mid-career professionals in the field of education (and other … Read more
  • What’s fast fashion and why should you avoid it?
    How to make your fast fashion pieces more sustainable? For those of you who haven’t heard the term ’fast fashion’ before: it’s a business model based on current fast-changing trends aiming to gain as much profit as possible. They deliver … Read more
  • Reduce Your CO2 – new agreement
    We are happy to announce that in January 2023 we have partnered up with Smiling Planet, LLC. These guys are very active in the field of environmental sustainability and creation of educational materials what is a perfect match for our … Read more
  • Bratislava study week
    We were pleased to host a study week between 26-30th of September 2022 welcoming 9 people representing organizations from Iceland, Norway and Romania (DalPro Utvikling, Mare Nostrum,, Reykjanesbaer Public Library ) within the scope of 2 small-scale partnership projects … Read more
  • How do you travel to work?
    How do you travel to work on a daily basis? Have you thought about the impact of your commutes on the environment?  What everything can be done for environment protection and how many areas of sport, culture and other essential … Read more
  • Dwell Azores: my (nomad) life experience
    How would you see a conscious digital nomad? Imagine a person eager not just to see but truly experience new places. Someone who spends resources to absorb at least some of the local culture and lives a community life full … Read more
  • This is Electro! Race
    RACE REGISTRATION FORM IS OPEN !!! We in Slovak Eco Quality are proud to confirm that our “This is Electro! Race” will be held on 16th of June 2022 in a beautiful place of Čunovo DYC Marina (next to Danubiana … Read more
  • Learning about Sustainable Development Goals in Egypt? – YES!
    Education towards a sustainable future, framed by the United Nation´s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), called SDGeneration … a wonderful event which took place in Cairo, Egypt by the end of 2021, was the second phase of a great training for … Read more
  • Plogging from Yerevan via Constanta to Bratislava and further
    A combination of jogging, walking or hiking in cities and/or in the nature, with picking up litter, as an organized activity originating in Sweden … PLOGGING End of October and beginning of November 2021 was dedicated to held plogging events … Read more
  • ReflAction
    ReflAction – Reflective learning in youth work, the training course (TC) which will always remain in my heart. Not only because it was my very first TC in scope of Erasmus+ Youth workers mobility program, but also because it opened … Read more