… with SEQ 🙂

Ever heard of such a thing? 🙂 🤔

We need to set an issue to address 🚨, gather people 🙋 and create groups 👥 that will work on innovative solution 🛠️ in less than 48 hours. ⏳
Three judges, digital tools, offline tools, new ideas. All of that mixed up! 💻📝🔮

Our issue – CLIMATE ANXIETY 😵‍💫

Huge topic, affecting all of us, rapidly spreading its tentacles 🐙
How can we deal with it? ❔

We started working on Friday the 18th at the academic floor of Saint Elizabeth University and ended on Sunday, sharing a lovely vegan lunch 🌱at #balansbistro together, toying around with options of how to bring our ideas to life! 🤓

Let us introduce the 🥇st, 🥈nd, and 🥉rd place ideas!

🥇The winning solution was called “climateHUB+” 👀
– platform gathering climate positive news ✅
– interactive chatBOT section
– climate+ MAP, showing you who is active around! 🗺️

– reflection board, to help you digest the experience

🥈Second place was taken by “Climate Anxiety EDU module” 🎓
– focus on education 🧠
– online modules
– story of climate ANXIETY 😵‍💫 and climate POSITIVITY 🙂 characters in a COMIC BOOK 📖

🥉The third place belonged to a “CLEANER SLOVAKIA” 🧹
– offline solution
– campaigns on TV 📺
– let’s make cleaning and plogging a hit!
– broad wide recruit and marketing 📈

What a weekend! 💚

All in all, this combination of digital solution 💻, learning component 🎓 and action component 🏃 creates a lovely package, ready to be implemented…  LET’S DO IT! 💪🤩

#greenyouthchangemakers #erasmusplus #plogging