4F- Fast Fashion? Fast Forward!

4F- Fast Fashion? Fast Forward! (4F)

4F is a Cooperation Partnership project under Key Action 2 of the Erasmus+ programme co-funded by the European Union.  The project aims to build knowledge, skills, and attitudes on climate change and sustainable development, focusing on circular textiles and clothing, meant for educators, teachers, trainers, and youth workers. Additionally, it explains and engages all levels of the society, especially young people, in practical application of Circular Economy.

The consortium consists of 5 partner organizations: “UniGrowth Development Center” Youth NGO (Armenia); Stowarzyszenie IMPAKT (Poland); MESHY Media Education Sustainability, Hospitality, Yeah (Italy); AMAZE&CO (Serbia) and Slovak Eco Quality (Slovakia) which is coordinating the project. The very diverse partnership shares the same values when it comes sustainability and circularity of clothing and textiles.

To fullfill our aim we have envisioned the following objectives:

  • to raise awareness and create a better understanding of related EU policies, action plans;
  • to equip youth workers and educators with practical tools and methods;
  • to shape the attitude of sustainable lifestyles and help people rethink fashion: how they buy, use, reuse and dispose of textile to protect the environment;
  • to establish a network of like-minded organizations increasing the quality and recognition of youth work;

The main result of our project will be a Digital EDUportal with 6 educational modules on Circular Economy and its application on textiles and clothing. We will develop a Toolkit and training material for educators supporting them in teaching such topics. Board Game and Clothes stories Comic book will be supporting the mentioned tools to provide easy and playful learning environment for youth.

The project starts in October 2022 and last for 24 months. Many training activities and events will be organized under the 4F (face-to-face and online). We will update the latest information and news on the upcoming project website and here as well.

4F project is supported by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union.