Donate to Slovak Eco Quality

Imagine a world where the future generations are equipped with knowledge, skills and behaviors to take care of our planet.

By supporting Slovak Eco Quality, a sustainability educational organization focused on young people and communities, you’re investing in education and a brighter tomorrow.

⬇️ Our work ⬇️
– empowering young minds and educators with sustainability competences
– providing tools for understanding environmental challenges
– providing space and motivation for active thinking and creating solutions 
– developing competences for eco-friendly choices, influencing communities, walking towards more sustainable future

Together, we’re fostering a generation that doesn’t just inherit the Earth, but actively nurtures it.

Your donation isn’t just a contribution; it’s a catalyst for change; it’s an investment in a world where individuals are change-makers, shaping a greener and more harmonious world for us all.


Gabriela Mezeiová,
Leader of Slovak Eco Quality

IBAN: SK12 8330 0000 0022 0198 6207





Besides direct donation, Slovak Eco Quality is eligible to receive 2% of taxes for the year 2023.