Dwell Azores: my (nomad) life experience

How would you see a conscious digital nomad? Imagine a person eager not just to see but truly experience new places. Someone who spends resources to absorb at least some of the local culture and lives a community life full of thoughtful socializing. It’s a global inhabitant caring about the planet. An explorer of a new type. A mindful traveller. … Is this a too idealistic picture? Maybe. 🙂 However, my own experience made me to believe this is the case.

Most of these impressions got shaped during my Dwell Azores experience. In the middle of the Atlantic, on the beautiful island of Sao Miguel, in a small village named Fenais da Luz, there is a co-working and co-living place – Dwell Azores. “Dwell in here” accurately reflects the mood prevailing in this great establishment opening its doors to all the conscious nomads and offers continuous possibilities to work and co-work together with the most stunning views, co-live and respect each other, cooperate on different projects, share experience and know-how in countless fields and build a global network of likeminded people with lots of potential for future activities.

Can you visualize running such a place? Meaning the financial management, maintenance of the physical space clean and in good shape, and also co-creation of a platform for constant social happenings to become reality. Sometimes it also means having your car repaired at the local car-repair, cooking a yummy dish from the BBQ leftovers, building a sound-proof booth for the co-working space, giving yoga sessions to community members, setting the scene for a movie night finished by a discussion, and so much more.

Can you name the competences such a responsible position develops? You adapt your own communication to the requirements of different situations; you learn the basics in the local language; you also use construction tools and apply math principles in everyday life; additionally you practice self-discipline and boost zero waste lifestyle together with own and others´ green competences; and last but absolutely not least, you train your forward-looking skills and gain courage in transferring this social impact business experience to your own reality – be it private or professional.

It has been an empowering experience to me to be used in different settings, currently in building and developing Slovak Eco Quality to be recognized as a green, community based, self-sustainable, life competence educational organization.

Thank you Dwell Azores and Erasmus+ for supporting this learning experience – GoGreenLifeComp! project.