Empower Yourself 2 Advocate for Wellbeing

Our project addresses the pressing mental health challenges confronting today’s youth, exacerbated by global circumstances like the pandemic and military tensions. Despite advancements in healthcare, there’s an urgent need to amplify youth participation in addressing these issues.


The initiative aims to empower youth to advocate for their mental health and well-being, actively engaging in public health policymaking and social change. By placing young people at the forefront, the project supports their well-being and provides a platform for their voices to influence decision-makers and stakeholders.

Project Title: Empower Yourself 2 Advocate for Wellbeing
Duration: 16 months (01.01.2024 – 30.4.2025)
Location: Slovakia and Armenia
Partner Organization: UniGrowth Development Center Youth NGO (Armenia)

Our diverse project encompasses a variety of activities across both countries, including international mobilities, awareness raising campaigns, online events with experts, national local workshops, self-care journal development, Hackathons and self-care festivals.


Our target groups include core teams comprising active individuals aged 18-30, as well as youth aged 16-21 across different regions engaging in various national activities. Hackathons and festivals cater to youth aged 16-30 interested in the project’s themes, while local policy and decision-makers are an additional target group aligning with the initiative’s objectives.


  • International Mobilities: Core team involvement in meetings with national decision-makers and stakeholders, collaboration with entities influencing mental health policy, and engagement of external experts during national workshops.
  • Awareness Raising Campaigns: Planning and implementation by core teams, individual or small group online or offline activities with assistance and support from SEQ and UDC.
  • Online Events: Engagement of stakeholders, experts, schools, and youth centers, inclusion of decision-makers in policy-making discussions, and collaboration with experts from both countries.
  • National Workshops: Collaboration with mental health support organizations, engagement of external experts, and participation of the core team in preparation and implementation.
  • Self-Care Journal Development: Involvement of young people beyond the core team in preparation, design, implementation, and follow-up.
  • Hackathons: Targeting tech-savvy youth, recruitment by core teams, collaboration with local decision-makers and IT sector representatives, and involvement of participants in implementation and follow-up.
  • Self-Care Festivals: Targeting youth interested in mental health, sharing festival info with participants, and involvement of community members in workshops and discussions.


The project aims to empower young people within the core team by fostering skills in project management, communication, and digital tools. Through engaging in international training activities, participants gain valuable cultural insights, enhance teamwork abilities, and develop increased sensitivity. The initiative focuses on enhancing mental health knowledge, promoting self-care and advocacy, thereby cultivating active and engaged citizens. Additionally, the project aims to inclusively involve youth with fewer opportunities, boosting their confidence and encouraging civic engagement. Participating organizations stand to benefit by developing informed leaders, forming international partnerships, and enhancing relevance at local and national levels, ultimately contributing to the recognition and expansion of youth-led organizations.