Environmental challenges raise serious concerns about the welfare of current and future generations. This is an ongoing challenge for the entire humanity and there is an urgent need for all of us, individually and collectively, to become more aware of our environmental responsibilities and act within its logic.

Youth has a crucial role to play as we will leave the Earth to today’s children and young people, and to future generations. We believe that youth possess massive power to hold decision-makers accountable. They are not only citizens who experience consequences caused by older generations but are the most valuable and powerful contributors to action. They are agents of change-making!

The aim of the proposed project is to increase participating youth engagement in tackling environmental challenges locally and globally, and build the capacity of youth as future leaders and driving forces behind a new eco reality (now and tomorrow).

What activities will we have throughout 1 year?

International mobility in Slovakia

Core team Armenian and Slovak participants will come together. Aim of this mobility is to bond the team, create a working environment and get an empowered team capable of facing future initiatives and challenges.

Awareness-raising campaign in Armenia and Slovakia

  • physically at youth and community centers, and schools; content will be prepared and presented at info sessions by young core team members, who will also be responsible for organizing the events
  • online via podcasts, videos and visuals, using relevant social media addressing our young target groups and via channels and networks of the young core team

Local workshops for young people and leaders

Core team youngsters from both countries will organize local workshops focused on equipping peer youngster with green competencies and empowering their change maker potential.

International mobility in Armenia

The core team will come together offline again this time in Armenia. The aim will be further development of participants’ competencies in initiating green activities and reaching out to relevant decision-makers.

Hackathons in Armenia and Slovakia

The purpose is to search for solutions to eco challenges in Armenia and Slovakia. This will be an opportunity for multidisciplinary youth groups to showcase their skills and develop new projects in record time.

Plogging events in Armenia and Slovakia

Goal of the events is to bring cultural change among young people, to raise awareness on environmental issues and youth potential in their tackling. Plogging is a new global movement. It takes advantage of jogging and other outdoor sports to pick up litter spoiling cities and nature.

Study visit in EU capital

A site visit at the European Parliament:

  • We will meet with 2 members of Parliament from Slovakia focusing on green topics and having a joint experience-sharing session aimed at sustainable development challenges.
  • We will visit local green NGOs, learning about their activities.
  • A City game and plogging activity will happen in the city of Brussels to clean the surroundings, work-out for good condition of bodies and minds and get familiar with the Belgium capital.

Who can participate?

Young people aged 16-30 years old living in Armenia or Slovakia, interested in eco-friendly initiatives, having a strong motivation to further develop their green competencies, reveal their change maker’s potential and get both local and international experience.