Learning about Sustainable Development Goals in Egypt? – YES!

Education towards a sustainable future, framed by the United Nation´s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), called SDGeneration … a wonderful event which took place in Cairo, Egypt by the end of 2021, was the second phase of a great training for youth workers and leaders.

The event was organized by Check-In, a Portugal based youth organization, hosted by Better World Foundation in Cairo, supported by ADEL Slovakia and many more organizations focusing on youth work all around Europe, Maghreb and in Jordan.

The essential question we, the youth workers taking part, asked ourselves was: What is our responsibility as youth workers in achieving the SDGs? Followed by: How can we design workshops focusing on SDGs in the most sustainable way? During the event we managed to get closer to answering these questions thanks to different non-formal educational tools and methods put in place – e.g. simulation games, artistic methods, learning by doing, and many more…

The highlight of the event was the visit at the Greek Catholic Patriarchal College in Cairo. It was a beautiful welcoming by the school that awaited us, followed by a great proactive approach of the students during the whole workshop we had with them, and closed by wonderful presentations of the students on how they see themselves achieving the chosen SDGs.

Full of fantastic inspiration and motivation, we got back to our environments to implement SDGs in our educational work.

This booklet was created as a result of the training course: