Passionate volunteers supporting SEQ

“It’s my passion to be part of educational projects with positive social and environmental impact.”

— Gabriela Mezeiová, SEQ leader

“I believe that the power of education, kindness and responsibility can be a game changer for us and our future. Lets be part of it, every little effort counts.”

— Katarína Zvaríková, sustainability educator

“I consider the protection of the environment to be an absolute priority and therefore I am glad that SEQ allows me to learn, to be more interested and to actively engage.”

— Vladimír Jelínek, IT project manager

“I believe that great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.”

— Gábor Mester, project manager

“Sustainability and environmental protection are a way of life that, if followed by every person in the world and considered equally important, would render my mission meaningless.”

— Veronika Pinkeová, project coordinator

“Nature’s like this incredible puzzle, full of pieces that fit together in ways we might not even realize. Let’s explore its complexity to see how it naturally figures out solutions to our problems—often, it’s already got it covered before we even notice!”

— Marco Rogai, project manager

“As I delve into the depths of psychology, I’ve come to appreciate the significance of mental well-being, recognizing its connection to nature and how the profound role of consumerism can effect it. In my journey, I strive to raise awareness while treading lightly on the planet, taking small steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle.”

— Viktória Zorkócyová, environmental education associate

“If you ask me, waste is a design flaw.”

— Krisztina Újhelyi, circular economy expert

“The price we pay for fast fashion is higher than we’d think.”

— Nóra Gulya, sustainability content creator

“Board games are an amazing tool that can be used to teach others about sustainable and environmental issues.”

— Katarína Moško Veselá, board game creator

“It is a fascinating world, a beautiful planet. Let’s look after it!”

— Danka “Zerowasterka” Moderdovská, eco influencer

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”

— Patrícia Jelínek, project member

“Environmental issues are not just local but global. Therefore, it is important to educate and collaborate internationally on implementation of best practices for sustainable living.”

— Tamelyn Perry, advisory board advisor

“Acknowledging the urgent and interconnected nature of environmental, social, and economic issues, we at Slovak Eco Quality believe that fostering informed individuals and societies is our only hope for a sustainable future and positive change. It is our duty to empower the young generation across Europe with the essential knowledge, skills, and values required to tackle the complex challenges our planet faces.”

— Yoav Friedman, advisory board advisor