Plogging from Yerevan via Constanta to Bratislava and further

A combination of jogging, walking or hiking in cities and/or in the nature, with picking up litter, as an organized activity originating in Sweden … PLOGGING

End of October and beginning of November 2021 was dedicated to held plogging events in Yerevan (AM), Bratislava (SK) and Constanta (RO), where the organizer – Youngsters without borders – and co-organizers – Slovak Eco Quality, Mare Nostrum and CreativePlus – have their seats. On the way, enthusiasts, kids and dogs all around the countries got involved in plogging, followed by supporters in London, Switzerland, Hungary, and on Sicily, and the Azores. 

This beautiful unique environmental movement initiated in Tsaghkadzor, Armenia in September 2021 by David Muradyan set a ground for a tradition to be continued in the near future, even in bigger formats like plogging marathons. Stay tuned for information to come about future plogging events not only keeping you in good physical and mental condition but also supporting a cleaner surrounding and healthier environment.

Keep on plogging, it pays off.