Reduce Your CO2 – introducing the pilot version of our board game

In our ongoing mission to combat climate change and promote environmental sustainability, the project ‘Reduce Your CO2’ has been making significant strides. Collaborating closely with our esteemed partner, Smiling Planet, we are thrilled to announce the successful development and testing of the pilot version of our board game. The initial results and impressions from the testing have been extremely encouraging, further fueling our determination to make a successful project output.

Together with Smiling Planet, we have poured our passion and expertise into designing a unique board game that aims to educate and inspire individuals about reducing carbon emissions. By blending entertainment with education, we hope to engage people of all ages and encourage them to adopt sustainable practices in their daily lives.

As we move forward, we are eager to refine the board game based on the valuable feedback received during the testing phase. Our goal is to create an engaging and impactful experience that will resonate with players, inspiring them to take real-world actions in reducing their carbon emissions. We are committed to continuously improving and expanding the game, with the ultimate aim of reaching a broader audience and making a significant difference in our collective fight against climate change.

Stay tuned for further updates!