SEQ at the Bioeconomy Changemakers Festival

🌍💚March 13th, 2024, turned out to be more than just a regular day—it was a day full of inspiration, innovation, and lots of fun at the Bioeconomy Changemakers Festival in Nitra. Slovak Eco Quality (SEQ) was all in, together with sound partners like Pedal Consulting, the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, IZPI, EUROPE DIRECT and many more (listed at the bottom) – showing the kids of all ages how cool and crucial sustainability can be. 🙌
We could all take part in small activity stations, recycle paper ♻️ or examine upcycled materials, join panel discussions 💭 with decision makers or ask questions to influential green company owners 💰 listen to Inspiring Tedx Talks about green careers 💪 take part in game playing workshops, or engage with kindergarteners in eco-friendly activities 🌳

🎲 EarthGames4EyoUth – Putting Our Framework of Earth Competences to the Test ✍️

Our Earth Competences Framework got its moment to shine. 🌞
 We have been testing our new content outcome – a set of 15 Earth Competences, each with 3 levels of progression – including knowledge 🧠 skills 🖐️ and attitudes 💚 needed for each level. ↕️
Our setup was all about interaction and genuine feedback we needed from YOUTH 🧒 👱 Our Framework was spread out on a massive glass wall 🧱 complete with infographics that tell you all about sustainable living 📗 with feedback wall methodology features – engaging questions and space to leave your thoughts, answers and comments 💭
We got some useful insights 👀 that is for sure! Over 35 young people took time to examine the wall of Competences and leave their opinions. 💬

Workshops That Wowed

  • CO2 Board Game 🎴 We have held an interactive workshop introducing our cool CO2 Board Game created in the “ReduceYourCO2 – Help the Planet” project – with the youth attending the event.  It was super cool to see everyone thinking hard about how to be more eco-friendly and have fun at the same time 🤸
  • Creative solutions for future 🎨 Led by our Veronika, we dived into some serious crafting. Group of young people took part in creating amazing collages of what a green lifestyle looks like to them. It wasn’t just fun and letting the creative juices flowing; it was a real eye-opener for what we could achieve in our own lives 🪴
  • Nature-Based Learning for the Youngest 🧒The youngest festival-goers enjoyed fun, educational activities that brought them closer to nature, nurturing a sense of responsibility and curiosity about the environment. They got their hands dirty learning about how awesome and important sustainability is. ♻️

💃Katka’s TEDx Talk: From Dreamy Volunteering to Real Impact Sustainability Career 💪

Our Katka was invited to be part of the inspirational part of the event, the Tedx Talks 🗣️ She shared her journey from being a volunteer around the world 🌍 through education to Slovak Eco Quality ♻️ The stories of what influenced her on the way both personally and professionally, to inspire youth, to do their part and lead their paths towards careers in sustainability. It was a call to action to all the young folks out there to start making a difference today. 💪💚

🕸️Connecting, Networking, and Making Friends 🤝

The festival wasn’t just about learning; it was about connecting too. We met so many inspirational people—innovators, decision-makers, and fellow NGOs—all engaged with making the world a better place. These connections are gold because they help us all work together for a greener tomorrow.

Partners of the BioEconomy Festival: PEDAL Consulting, Slovenská poľnohospodárska univerzita v Nitre, NPPC – Národné poľnohospodárske a potravinárske centrum, BIOEAST; Bioeconomy Cluster, Inštitút znalostného pôdohospodárstva a inovácií a Europe Direct NitraInštitút Cirkulárnej ekonomiky, Slovak Eco Quality

So, are you ready to join us on this green journey? Check out our upcoming events on our socials and let’s make sustainability real. Together, we can make a huge impact—one eco-friendly step at a time! 🌱💪

The Framework of Earth Competences Testing was part of the “EarthGames4EyoUth” project, funded by the European Union.