Bratislava study week

We were pleased to host a study week between 26-30th of September 2022 welcoming 9 people representing organizations from Iceland, Norway and Romania (DalPro Utvikling, Mare Nostrum,, Reykjanesbaer Public Library ) within the scope of 2 small-scale partnership projects that are aiming to support teachers, trainers and educators who work with adults. The theme of the week was sustainable life style, green education and its funding opportunities and community centers and gardens from different angles. What a week it has been!? 😊

On Day 1, we visited INCIEN (Institute of Circular Economy) where we got an insight into this green organization and its activities supporting environmental sustainability and circular economy using green project management. The presentation was focusing on local realities providing us with plenty of information on circularity of different sectors as well as the challenges with community engagement and cooperation with local authorities. Participants shared their best practices on these challenges.

On Day 2, we went to visit Nova Cvernovka Community center where we had a unique opportunity to get an insight into a vivid and culturally diverse community living and working in an amazing space serving as a secondary school in the previous era. The community decided to be governed and aligned by sustainable living and inclusion principles. After several presentations about the history, evolution of the community and tour around the building, we visited the community garden and had a great vegan lunch together.

On Day 3, we travelled by bus to Zajezova. The place is located approximately 195 km from Bratislava in the heart of Slovakia and is famous about its eco-communities living there. Here, we had a tour around the eco village and received information about the life style of the people living here and learned about different approaches they have towards sustainability. We slept over at Zajezka Educational center.

On Day 3 and 4 we were back to Bratislava visiting community gardens and other initiatives like A4 cultural center where we discussed the topic of cultural community engagement after Covid-19.

Thank you all who participated and for all the lovely people who shared their precious time and experience with us. 😊

The projects were supported by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union.