Profound concerns regarding the well-being of both current and forthcoming generations are stirred by the pressing environmental issues we face today. It’s really important for all of us to become more aware of our responsibilities to the environment and follow them, because this is a long-lasting problem that impacts everyone on Earth.

Considering that we are entrusting the Earth to generations yet to come, the youth plays an integral role in this endeavor. Undoubtedly, young individuals have significant influence in holding decision-makers accountable for their actions. They are not merely passive citizens experiencing the repercussions of choices made by previous generations; they are dynamic agents of change, serving as powerful catalysts for progress!

The Green Triangle 1 year long project envisioned numerous activities on a local and international level that will be happening in Poland, Slovakia and Armenia, from 01.10.2023 till 30.09.2024. The partners with whom Slovak Eco Quality is working on the project are Stowarzyszenie IMPAKT from Poland and “UniGrowth Development Center” Youth NGO from Armenia.

Activities will include international mobility trainings and teambuildings, local level workshops and awareness raising campaigns on eco-conscious behavior, plogging events, international hackathon aimed at environmental challenges which will be attracting numerous youngsters beyond the core team.


The core team members will be young people aged 18-30 active in their communities who want to be the changemakers in their communities and who are ready to take initiatives, implement local and international projects, and make their voices heard. For other activities the targeted youth is 16-30 years old interested in the project.


  • International mobility in Poland to set up the project and empower core teams. 

Aim of this mobility is to bond the team, create a working environment and get an empowered team capable of facing future initiatives and challenges. Awakening of inner changemakers is the main goal after this mobility.

  • Awareness raising campaigns in all 3 countries reaching out to more youngsters bringing their attention to sustainable and green development. 

They will serve e.g. schools, youth centers, community centers or will happen in online space as campaigns.

  • Local workshops held by core teams in their countries to foster peer to peer learning as well as engagement of decision makers to give room for dialogue. 

These workshops aim to involve more young people aged 16 to 21 in tackling environmental issues and green activism through peer-to-peer learning. Core team youngsters from three countries will organize workshops focused on equipping young people with green competencies and empowering their changemaker potential.

  • Second international mobility in Armenia. 

This event is for further development of participants’ competencies in initiating green activities and reaching out to relevant decision-makers and stakeholders in their communities and beyond.

  • International Hackathon held in Slovakia to encourage innovative IT and beyond solutions for climate change. 

Bringing into existing core teams’ youngsters interested in IT technology solutions, marketing, projects, networking and green topics. The purpose is to search for solutions to eco challenges and the main aim is to create a functioning software or app, or other type of solution serving the good of societies in facing climate challenges.

  • Plogging events to act and be an example. 

Goal of the event is to bring cultural change among young people, to raise awareness on environmental challenges and youngsters’ potential in their tackling. Plogging is a new global movement. It takes advantage of jogging and other outdoor sports to pick up litter spoiling cities and nature.

  • Visit Brussels and meet with EP members from PL & SK, have a dialogue with decision makers. 

Study visit as a complex educational event happening in the political mecca of the EU. Site visit at the European Parliament (EP), meeting with a member of Parliament, visiting 2 green NGOs, city game and plogging activity in the city of Brussels.


Bringing together young people and decision-makers at local and transnational levels and directly contributing to fulfilling some of the EU Youth Goals, can ensure that these young people will be included in sustainable development policy-making on all levels which directly influences policymaking as such. 

This will lead to a meaningful civic, economic, social, cultural, and political participation of young people in the life of the local community and also the entire society. 

The project will be impacting the wider community and also society at national levels as the awareness will be raised on the importance of having access to eco-friendly infrastructure, solutions, and actions for living a more sustainable lifestyle which will lead to a more liveable and greener future for all.