Training course

Training course.

Course of training. Slovak Eco Quality in Armenia 🇦🇲
Psychological first aid. 🗣️

A mixture of young people from 8 countries, mashed together, sharing ideas, opinions, creating, laughing, debating.
Cultural nights are a hit in these mobilities. People mingle, relax, try-out the strange dried meat ham or plums from another country.

But back to business. 👇

PFA. I can do MFA (medical first aid – 30x push + 2x breath in, you guys!), but this one is equally important.

Earthquakes, wars, panic attacks, passing of a loved one, domestic violence, shock, accidents. All of that we live with, don’t we?

We learn how to treat the wound. How to fix the broken leg so it wont move. How to tie a 3-tip scarf into an arm holding structure. Which band to use on what. 🩹

But do we know what words. Gestures. Behaviors are okay in a psychological crisis?
Cause I had my guesses. Not all of them proved to be the right choice and as it turns out I could have caused more harm than help by using my “common sense” in these situations.

During those 9 days, we laughed, we cried, dived deep into our imagination, emotions, values and even fears.
PFA methodology, breathing techniques, grounding exercises, stabilization methods, communication rules, information gathering procedures.

During the whole process we have met several professionals from the psychological first aid field, holding sessions for us, talking about their work in war affected areas, or with victims of domestic violence/sexual assaults. Heavy subjects WE ALL NEED TO START LOOKING AT.

We have also worked on our boundaries. Personal, professional. How do you treat yours?
How many times a day do you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation without knowing the way out? ⁉️

Can you say no? To a stranger. To a friend. Call for help? And what if they really lean on you? Do you stand your ground or give in?
How can we say NO. Respectfully but clearly. Can you do that? Let me tell you, it – is – HARD! ⛔

Take a moment to search for info on how many people have been affected by sexual assault or domestic violence. It blew my brains out.
We should be ready to talk about it. To provide safe space and comfort.

To take care of ourselves. Of each other. And take care of the planet.

Thank you, UniGrowth Development Centre and Slovak Eco Quality (and European union!:D).
It has been a valuable experience!