Welcome to the “This is Electro” reunion!

It marks exactly one year since our unforgettable race took place in Bratislava – Marina Čunovo, a truly unique event for all of us and the first of its kind in Slovakia. The memories are still vivid, and we’re delighted that this event went beyond a mere one-day gathering. It fostered new friendships and expanded our community, transcending borders and distance.

In March of this year, the leader of Slovak Eco Quality visited the e-rider community in San Diego, CA, strengthening the bonds between our communities.

Just last weekend, our Bratislava electro community embarked on an exciting one-wheel group ride. This time, we were thrilled to have Rickie, the OW category winner from San Diego, join us. Together, we explored the trails around Záhorská Bystrica, with Rickie setting new local speed records. It was an absolute blast!

By the way, we are already planning an incredible weekend session for next year. It will be a grand gathering for both racers and those seeking a more relaxed experience and just chilling, set amidst the beautiful Slovak mountains. Expect a plethora of attractions, stages, music, and countless surprises. Stay tuned and enjoy the summer!