This 4-countries-involving project initiative is supported as a Cooperation Partnership in Youth under Key Action 2 of Erasmus+ programme, co-funded by the European funds.

EARTHgames4EyoUth is led by the Romanian organization Mare Nostrum NGO, in partnership with the Slovak Eco Quality, Armenian NGO UniGrowth Development Center and a Polish NGO Today We Have

The main aim of the project is to support environmental responsibility and join the fight against climate change by creating a digestible version of the EU green regulations, sustainability policies and environmental issues, easy to absorb and embrace.

To achieve this goal, a sustainability competency framework, educational programme, workbook and a set of fun and easy educational games and tools will be developed.

Under the lead of Slovak Eco Quality, this project will provide space for creating Framework of Earth Competences, which is a knowledge – skills – attitude package for becoming an Earth competent being. Round table discussions will be held on both, national and international level, to maximize potential of this framework for its successful future use.

From that framework base, creation of the holistic and quality educational program will be carried out, under the lead of Armenian partner UniGrowth Development Center. We will be testing the educational program and workbook among focus groups of educators and youngsters, to satisfy the needs on all fronts. Also, a training course will be hosted in Armenia, inviting participants from 8 countries in order to spread the educational programme even further and share the good practice.

To top those results, linking the educational material with the youth, a set of interactive fun educational games will be designed and created under the wings of our Polish partner Today We Have, together with the Romanian co-leading Mare Nostrum NGO. Those will be co-created by educational experts, youth workers and educators, to ensure quality and adequate outcome and later on also tested by national workshops in each country, as well as during one international game-testing event in Slovakia, to provide a quality assessment of the outcome.

All the final products will be commonly created among the partners and also translated from English into native languages of the countries involved, to ensure a wider audience impact.

EARTHgames4EyoUth project is supported by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.