🌿 **Green is the new Gold! 🇮🇸**

During a study visit, we had the incredible opportunity to explore Iceland, a country making significant strides towards sustainability. Our journey was enriched by fruitful collaborations with numerous non-profit and public organizations: @isprojektpolska , @circa.iceland , @bokasafn 🤝🏾

Thanks to our hybrid car that made our journey more sustainable, we turned the iconic Golden Circle into a Green Circle Tour, exploring businesses and organizations to understand the degree of green and social innovation in Iceland. 🌍🌿

🏔️ **Geysir Turned Local Brand:

Next to the Geysir, a big shop showcases clothes from the brand @geysir_verzlun . This natural site transformed into a local brand that offers high-quality clothes from local resources, with Icelandic wool as the main textile fiber. 🧣🇮🇸

🍄 **Flúðasveppir Mushroom Farm:

At @fludasveppir , the only mushroom farm in Iceland, we delved into the fascinating world of mushrooms and horticulture. The Farmers Bistro presented the importance of food knowledge, tradition, and geographical origin. Growing mushrooms in greenhouses, they showcased sustainable practices, collecting almost 10kg of local and sustainably grown mushrooms every hour. 🍽️🍄

🍃 **MUSHROOM Fashion Brand:

In the Farmers Bistro, discover pieces of the local fashion brand MUSHROOM, created by an Icelandic 18-year-old student. Their logo, a mushroom with a crown, adds a unique touch to locally designed fashion inspired by nature. 👑🍄

🌋 **The Secret Lagoon and Greenhouses:

Gamla Laugin, the @secretlagoon , introduced us to greenhouses utilizing geothermal energy for vegetable production. This historic site reopened after decades, not only as a tourist attraction but also as a social hub for the local community, utilizing geothermal sources for various purposes, from wellbeing to heating residential buildings and supporting the growing of healthy local veggie producers. 🌿♨️

🌿 **Sólheimar Eco-Village Highlights:

Arrived at @solheimareco , an eco-village since 1930, thriving on thermal and solar energy. Our enriching visit featured:

1. Flea Market Gems: Discovered treasures at the vibrant Flea Market—old books, arts, and home appliances telling unique stories. 📚🏺

2. Greenhouse adventure: Explored greenhouses, witnessed volunteers preparing for the next season, and met Iceland’s proudest rooster, its role is to eat the roly poly, an insect damaging potatoes. 🌿🐓

3. Sustainable Dining: Delighted in farm-to-table dining, where greenhouse-grown produce makes every meal a community celebration. 🍽️🌾

4. Mental Health Oasis: Sólheimar, a sanctuary for mental health, organizes inclusive activities for people facing diverse challenges in their lives and elders, fostering inclusion, community, and support. 🧠💚

☕ **Selfoss: A Sustainable Finale in the Golden/Green Circle! 🌿

Final stop: Selfoss, a town in the Golden/Green Circle that is breathing history. Enjoyed fair trade coffee at a local coffee shop, supporting ethical sourcing. Indulged in vegan and gluten-free treats—delicious and conscious choices. Selfoss, where sustainability meets small-town charm.  ☕🌍

Hope you enjoyed exploring the highlights of our Green Circle Tour and witnessing the unique blend of nature, innovation, and community wellbeing in Iceland! 🔄🔍

At Slovak Eco Quality, we are deeply committed to harnessing the healing power of nature, promoting eco-consciousness, fostering sustainability-focused innovation, and enhancing mental well-being. Explore our concluded projects ‘GreenEDU,’ and ‘SKISRO4GreenComp‘ with amazing results, or e.g., our ongoing ‘Strategize Your Journey to Wellbeing‘ and ‘EARTHgames4EyoUth‘ projects. And if you’re drawn to local brands like Geysir and MUSHROOM in the fashion scene, delve into our sustainable fashion-focused project and platform, ‘4F – Fast Fashion? Fast Forward!‘ – all supported by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union.

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